Your Life Path Number is your destiny! - Part 3

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Characteristic features of people who have an odd Life Path Number:
An ever-burning, revolutionary type, attracted to changes in any sphere - politics, religion, crafts, personal relationships. This person can act as a leader for those, who are in a subordinate positions or on the sidelines. In their love for changes this people are often not noticing those things and opportunities, that are right beside them. From all troubles this people are going out safe and sound. Stubbornness and one-sided approach to life make these people witches or the witch hunters, religious fanatics or atheists. All their life they are committed and confident. They are never embarrassed by the inconsistency of their views with the events of a real life. They see the world the way they came up with it. When their plans are matching with the goals of society, they can become a bright leaders, acting with all their inherent power, without being distracted by anything extraneous. This type of people, from nature is gifted with a talent of psychologist. They are always trying to exploit their capabilities. The human soul for them is an open book, they are the most observant - the smallest thing can not hide from them. They are cool, concentrated and calm in any situation. Such people are attracted to anything new and different from the familiar world. They are active, smart, ambitious, prone to rivalry and competition, they always seek to chart a new path everywhere. They are distinguished by their realism and independence from any opinions.

Characteristic features of people with an even Life Path Number:
A loving, artistic nature that can turn ugly into beautiful, gray - in bright vivid colors. These people find an opportunity to express themselves creatively in any situation. Their behavior may be sometimes childish, but despite this, in the necessary and important moments, they are able to show a true courage. This people are searching for truth and wisdom, they are quite capable of anticipating the future events. Defending their position even when the power is not on their side, they may not always be loved by the others. People tend to think, that they are idealistic, and yet they can be called "illuminating the way". In the unexpected situations, such people may lack the imagination and resourcefulness, but on the vitally important things they are able to focus quite fast.