Moon sign horoscope

Moon horoscopes are used to forecast based on the lunar point of view. Moon sign horoscope predictions will help you know yourself from every aspect of appearance and emotional grounds. There are 12 signs of moon which have their own unique personality and characteristic traits. Here are few features of the 12 zodiacs which can give you an exposure to its traits.

Aries moon sign are good looking people, loves travelling, engrossed in good deeds, self-made, hates arguments and disputes, work efficiently, famous, energetic and talented. Taurus moon sign are firm natured, tolerant, patient, violent tempered, love music, art, beauty, clothes and are fond of happy and luxurious life. They are practical in money matters, responsible in relationships and are devoted to their friend. Gemini moon sign horoscope includes features like pleasant nature, fortunate, short tempered, talented, loves dance and music and have few children. People born in cancer moon sign are very emotional, flexible, sensitive, imaginative and gentle. They love sweets, singing, music and are open hearted and outspoken.

Leo Moon sign predictions features people as valiant, egoistic, bold, aggressive, clean-hearted, bold, arrogant, firm minded and love to visit places of natural beauty. Virgo moon sign makes people to have tender heart, sympathetic, intelligent, well-behaved, short-tempered, selfish, prosperous and migrant. People having Libra as their moon sign have well-formed body, intelligent, respected, engaged in charity, loves relaxing, and gives more emphasis on karma over fate. Scorpions are argumentative, greedy, love solitude, hate domestic work, unsatisfied, wicked in nature, firm-minded and are well-behaved people.

People with Sagittarius moon sign are truthful frank, soft spoken, firm in intentions, not extravagant, good sense of humour, religious minded and have a vast friend circle. Capricorn moon sign horoscope includes characteristics like talented in singing, truthful, progressive and posses good memory. Aquarius moon sign horoscope includes features like soft spoken, scholarly, sometimes foolish, and cheating. A person with Pisces moon sign is an idealistic person, very sensitive, impressionable, thoughtful, energetic, religious-minded, respectful and is interested in subject of supernatural powers.