Your Life Path Number is your destiny! - Part 2

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The lines of Life Path Numbers are the network of relationships between people and cosmos, the highest code describing the world and coordinating the framework of thinking, aimed at gaining the enlightenment. Life Path Number is more important than the Soul Number or the Number of Name. A person is always thinking the same way, but his destiny will not always go the way he wants. Due to the fact that man's fate begins to manifest clearly after 35 years, we should take a compromise between what the person wants to have and what he wants to achieve. The soul in it's thoughts, expectations and desires is free. But destiny gives us only what we truly deserve. This is due to the fact that the destiny is deeply connected with the karma, brought from the past lives. Therefore, a person must remain calm - whatever we do, we should not worry about what happens as a result of our actions, we should not care much for the fruits of our deeds. Without thinking about the fruits of our karma, we can stay away from both: the pleasure and the pain. The pain is caused by our attachment to karma. The real reason is the expectation of pain. By the age of 35 one realizes that lesson. There comes a time when he realizes, that for his own good he should stay away from the expectations and only fulfill his own duty. Thus, one finds happiness.

Life Path Number is not subjected to any external matters. This number is related to our vibrational influences, obtained as a result of our actions in the previous incarnations, which gives us a little leeway, but a lot more freedom we will have, collecting the fruits of our past karmas. Everything that we do now will come back to us in the future or in the next life, and those fruits that we have now, are showing us what exactly we have earned in the past lives.

Friendship or hostility, unexpected reward or punishment - they all are just a results of karma from our past incarnations - and their causes can not be traced in the present. The fruits of karma, presented in this life, may pose to us a good and supportive environment.

If you got a "bad" Life Path Number, then a suitable internal environment can be created by a good Soul Number, the proper use of stones and talismans, as well as philanthropy. Everyone should go through what is given by his fate, but we can facilitate our destiny. There are many stories of saints and the holy biographies of those who created themselves a good karma, but encountered resistance and - as a result - suffered. And, as we know, there are many stories about some bad people who were creating for themselves nothing, but a bad karma, but they lived happily and in luxury. These stories are pointing to a Life Path Number of these people: they created for themselves a good (or bad) karma in their past lives, and the good (or bad) karma of this life does not have any effect so far. Therefore, these people live happily, or suffer.